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Welcome to the Great Indoors

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Discover Taiga- the smart, all-in-one, Living Art.

Taiga is the largest biome on Earth, generating most of Earth’s fresh air.

Taiga is also a hydroponic living machine that purifies indoor air with NASA-developed plant purification.

Taiga: Turn-key nature for the modern world.


Reduce indoor air pollution 200 X faster

During the Space Race, NASA researchers were investigating how to generate clean air in space.

By pulling air through the roots of plants, the microbiome on plant roots gets activated and can metabolize 200X more air pollution than a potted plant.

Bio-remediation: it’s what makes Taiga, Taiga.



Go big, or small, with Tile-able Taiga.

Taiga’s modularity makes nature accessible in the smallest rooms, like conference rooms, wellness rooms, and mother’s rooms.

Modularity also means deploying in sets to create breathtaking installations that will be a focal point of common areas, entry ways, board rooms, and more!

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Deploy Taiga, grow wellness

The benefits of nature are vast: lower blood pressure, greater concentration, alertness, and connection to the environment. Getting nature deployed is now easier than ever.

With Taiga, it’s size and form factors allow you to treat nature, like art. It hangs on a z-clip and is movable in the future, so there’s no concern about where to permanently put nature.

Change you mind? Change Taiga.


Research Center

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“The productivity benefits from doubling ventilation rates are $6,500 per person per year. This does not include the other potential health benefits, such as reduced sick building syndrome and absenteeism.”

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“Even a very small exposure to nature – as little as five minutes – can produce dramatic benefits.”


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Responsibly Made in California 

When we talk about wellness, we don’t just mean looking healthy. That’s why we build our products from the healthiest materials possible, build them as close to our customers as possible, and provide transparency wherever possible.

Taiga is built from the ground up to be the healthiest machine on Earth. Without things like PVC and unhealthy plastics, Taiga is a breathe of fresh air in more ways than one. 

Visit Taiga's Declare label at Declare.



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