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Welcome to the great indoors.



taiga is a family of smart living machines  which actively purify air and are easy to care for.

Taiga actively filters ambient air pollution by bio-remediating it with optimized rhizo-biomes, the community of plant roots and microbes which break down chemicals.   

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Since taiga hangs like art, you can hang living art anywhere. 

Each taiga is cared for by an adaptive operating system which takes into account the local environment where it is, and changes watering schedule to make sure plants are in optimal health.   





healthy hardware, made in California 

Taiga is built from the best materials so it won't contaminate the indoors while it's purifying your air.

Without things like PVC and unhealthy plastics, Taiga is a breathe of fresh air in more ways than one. 

Visit Taiga's Declare label at Declare.


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