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Hi, I'm Taiga



Taiga grows air purifying plants wherever you want nature and clean air.



Hang Taiga like living art 

It's an all-one-hydroponic vertical garden with lighting, and watering, included, and automated. It's the easiest way to manage nature in the modern world. 

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Certifiably healthy hardware 

The world's first computerized product to not contain toxic materials, adhesives, glues, and electronics. Check out Taiga's Declare LBC Compliant listing at Declare.





Taiga measures and shows you indoor air quality. 

Taiga has a suite of indoor air quality sensors to monitor and show you real time and historical air quality data. 



Taiga has activated carbon air filters. 

Biome absorbs your indoor air pollution and naturally eliminates it 200 times better than plants in soil.  [NASA]

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be adventurous, be in touch 


Tell us about how you would like to work with Biome! 

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