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Welcome to the great indoors


Taiga [tai-ga]: modular living art for the modern world.

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Reduce indoor air pollution with Taiga


During the Space Race, NASA researchers discovered the power of activating plant roots.

By pulling air through the roots of plants where air pollution is metabolized by beneficial microbes, Taiga exhausts botanically purified air back into the room.

Up to 200X cleaner air than plants grown in soil.



Tile with Taiga




Taiga’s modularity enables you to make nature accessible in the smallest rooms, like conference rooms, wellness rooms, and mother’s rooms.

Modularity also means you can deploy Taiga as panels and create breathtaking installations that will be a focal point of common areas, entry ways, board rooms, and more!

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Deploy wellness where people work


The benefits of nature are vast: lower blood pressure, great concentration, alertness, and connection to the environment. Getting nature to where it needs to be get these benefits can be really hard.

With Taiga, it’s size and form factors allow you to treat nature, like art. It hangs on a z-clip and is movable in the future, so there’s no concern about where to permanently put nature. Change you mind? Change Taiga.


Healthy hardware

Made in California 

Taiga is built from the best materials so it won't contaminate the indoors while it's purifying your air.

Without things like PVC and unhealthy plastics, Taiga is a breathe of fresh air in more ways than one. 

Visit Taiga's Declare label at Declare.




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