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Plants + People

We are better together than we are apart.



The great indoors

Taiga by Biome is turn-key nature: a living wall that eats air pollution, needs no plumbing, has no soil, and comes complete with ultra-efficient LED lighting.


Less is more

No soil. No bugs. No mess.

Taiga’s hydroponic technology uses no soil. It is the cleanest way to enjoy nature indoors— and light enough to hang on drywall.

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Nature that works

Our plants clean your air

Taiga’s plants live in a special medium that supports a host of beneficial microbes found naturally on their roots.

These micro-organisms eat indoor air pollution—and, thanks to Taiga’s technology, do it 200 times more effectively than potted plants.


Deploy wellness

Hang nature like art

Each Taiga module is fully self-enclosed and completely water-tight. It’s easy to hang, like a painting—and is just as easy to move.

To bring even more nature inside, you can connect multiple Taiga modules together for even more of an impact.


Workplace Managers

Employee satisfaction goes through the roof with nature in the workplace, and employee productivity skyrockets when working in a clean air environment. Investing in your employees and in their well-being is a win-win.



Taiga is a living solution that will set your client up for long-term success—plants, lighting and nutrition included. Get specs for your next project now.



Home should be a healthy and beautiful space that facilitates wellness and tranquility: an escape from the world outside. Taiga is available to homeowners in select locations.

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