the air

You breathe around 10,000 liters of air each day.  Each Taiga  purifies over 700,000 liters of air per day.  Every breath you take without Taiga, contains volatile organic compounds that are harmful to you.  Your life deserves the highest quality air, so let Taiga give you the purest air possible.

The Natural

Your Taiga makes use of a symbiotic relationship between plants and healthy microbes.  Your plants provide a safe home for the microbes, while they eat the pollution right out of your air.  The microbes thank the plants by turning these harmful chemicals into nutritious food for the plants.  The best part is, our Biome systems make this process happen faster than plants in soil.


The Human-Made

The time in human advancement has come where we can finally care for nature with technology.  Biome has created an automated system to maintain your lush Taiga wall.  Five metrics of air quality are measured to let you know the air you breathe is as pure as nature.  Biome makes nature easy.