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Air purification

Research to understand how humans can generate clean air in space, led to an amazing discovery: micro-biomes that exist on plant roots eat air pollution.

Because indoor air pollution is 3-5 times more toxic than outdoor air, we devoted ourselves to creating an autonomous panel of nature that can bioremediate your indoor air pollution. 



Hangs like art, anywhere

Biome Taiga is a fully enclosed system. No water line or drainage required! It's light enough to hang directly on drywall with only drywall anchors for support. 

The included Biome LightBar shines a crisp white light on your foliage to ensure optimal health and lower maintenance. LightBar is finished to match the finish of your Taiga.  


Taiga T35


T35 is our most immersive piece of landscaping technology. It automatically cares for 35 plants within its 5 air purification chambers. Get ready for an immersive and healthy wilderness. 



Taiga 30

(coming soon)


A new orientation for our classic system; Taiga 30 will have you looking skyward with a vertical layout and the power of 30 air purifying plants. Get on the pre-order list!