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L x W x H

62" x 4" x 36" 

T40 White
T40 Charcoal


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L x W x H 

25" x 4" x 60" 

T30 White
T30 Charcoal

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Air purification

Research to understand how humans can generate clean air in space, led to an amazing discovery: micro-biomes that exist on plant roots eat air pollution.

Because indoor air pollution is 3-5 times more toxic than outdoor air, we devoted ourselves to creating an autonomous panel of nature that can bioremediate your indoor air pollution. 




L x W x H 

14" x 4" x 28" 

T10 White
T10 Charcoal

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Healthy hardware

Made in California 

Taiga is built from the best materials so it won't contaminate the indoors while it's purifying your air.

Without things like PVC and unhealthy plastics, Taiga is a breathe of fresh air in more ways than one. 

Visit Taiga's Declare label at Declare.



Download specs

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