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L x W x H

58" x 4" x 36" 

T40 White
T40 Charcoal


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Hangs like art.

Biome Taiga is a fully enclosed system. No water line or drainage required! It's light enough to hang directly on drywall with only drywall anchors for support. 

The included Biome LightBar shines a crisp white light on your foliage to ensure optimal health and lower maintenance. LightBar is finished to match the finish of your Taiga.  




L x W x H 

25" x 4" x 60" 

T30 White
T30 Charcoal

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Air purification

Research to understand how humans can generate clean air in space, led to an amazing discovery: micro-biomes that exist on plant roots eat air pollution.

Because indoor air pollution is 3-5 times more toxic than outdoor air, we devoted ourselves to creating an autonomous panel of nature that can bioremediate your indoor air pollution. 




L x W x H 

14" x 4" x 28" 

T10 White
T10 Charcoal

Website Extra Wide RAW.011.jpeg

Download specs

Taiga Specs V1.001.jpeg


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