NASA developed air purification 

Using silent fans, Taiga absorbs your indoor air and naturally eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) created from cooking, cleaning products, and everyday products like carpeting and technology products. 

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Indoor air quality monitoring system

Taiga has Wi-Fi and onboard air sensors to help you track and learn about your indoor air quality. 



Hang nature like art

Taiga is an all-inclusive system that goes where nature traditionally hasn't. Out of your way, and in your line of sight. 

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Transparent and healthy materials 

Visit our listing at  Declare and you'll see no RED LIST chemicals in our hardware. We're the only technology product in the world that can say we're Living Building Challenge Compliant.


Dashboard of your room's health 

You can now have more insight than ever across broad environmental wellness indexes like CO2, TVOC's, Lumens, Temp, and RH. 

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 Taiga is 100% carbon neutral